Meet our horses and ponies!  


Hi my name is Rafiki, I was born in 1998. I am the oldest and wisest horse here at Barnyard Buddies. I have lived a long and eventful life making me the perfect teacher for all of the young students that visit. I love being groomed and walking kids through the obstacle courses during their first lesson. My favorite part of the day is greeting all of our visitors after they walk through the office and pass by my house! 

Jasmine and Hudson

My name is Jasmine I was born in 2017. I am a Shetland pony mix standing at approximately 9 hands high. I gave birth to a colt named Hudson in April of 2023. My favorite time of the week is getting to graze in the picnic area with my best friend Belle. 

Hi my name is Hudson. I was born in April of 2023 at Barnyard Buddies. I am a very energetic and friendly foal. I love to play with my little brother Chip and follow staff around and play with their tools when they are trying to clean my house! 


Hi my name is Hercules! I was born in 2013. I am a Shetland pony standing at 9.1 hands high. My best friends at Barnyard Buddies are Jasmine and Belle. I am a very confident and friendly pony that loves attention from all the young riders that come to visit. 


Hi my name is Olaf, I was born in 2014. I am an albino horse which means that not only do I have a white coat but my skin is pink underneath all of my hair. I also have light colored eyes. Due to this you may see me wearing a fly mask to help protect my sensitive skin and eyes from the sun. I am an energetic pony that loves having a job to do and friends to play with! 


Hi my name is Minnie. I was born in 2010. I am a very sweet quiet pony that loves being groomed and pet. I enjoy spending time with the other ponies at Barnyard Buddies. My favorite treats are carrots and apples. 


Hi my name is Cruella, I was born in 2014. I am a very sweet and gentle pony that loves getting treats from visitors and the Barnyard team. Something that makes me unique is my blue eye! This is a rare occurrence in dark colored horses!   

Belle and Chip

Hi my name is Belle. I was born in 2015. I am a Shetland pony cross standing at 8.3 hands high. I may be small but I am always full of energy with a big personality. I absolutely love kids and enjoy giving pony rides to our youngest riders! I also gave birth to a foal in July 2023. I love being a mom and spend most of my time following my baby “Chip” around while he explores. 

Hi my name is “Chip” I was born July 2023. I am a very friendly baby and love spending time with the barnyard buddies team. My favorite thing in the world is getting back scratches from everyone. I also enjoy play time with my older brother “Hudson”. 


Hi my name is Wonky the Donkey. Did you know there is a book about me? There is also a funny theme song. I was born in 2014 and am approximately 11 hands tall. When I get excited I like to let out a loud bray which was designed to carry the sound over 60 miles in the desert! Being a donkey I am also made to be much stronger than the horses of my same size.


Hi my name is Nala, I was born in 2003 making me the second oldest horse here at Barnyard, but you wouldn’t know it! I am full of energy and love to go on outings with my best friend Lakota. Here at Barnyard Buddies I enjoy being groomed and taking students through our obstacle course.

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