Our Party Space

All packages include:

Private picnic area for celebrating

7  six foot picnic tables

2 round cake/food tables

Entrance for 40 guests

Time slot of 10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM

Prohibited items: Balloons, BBQ, Grills, Bounce House, Alcohol

Are you ready to get your party animal on??

Scroll down to see all of our available packages and add ons. Use the button below to view our calendar reserve your date.

Be sure to email us at least 2 weeks prior to your party date with any add on requests.

Common Questions

When do I pay for the party?

Your deposit is non-refundable and due on the day of your booking. Your remaining balance and any extra guest admissions, rides, and other charges are to be paid at check in the day of your event at the front desk.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

The deposit is non-refundable, however, you will be allowed to reschedule in case of a pandemic, rain, inclement weather, or other emergency. Please call 48 hours prior to your event if you are concerned about the weather or need to reschedule.  

How early can I get into my party area to setup?

Parties are allowed 30 minutes to set-up and 30 minutes to clean-up. Extra time will not be allotted for late arrivals, so please make sure you are prepared and arrive on time. Parties will be charged an additional hour of rental if they are not cleaned up and vacated from the area 30 minutes after their party time has ended.

When and where do I check in and pick up my tickets?

Check in will be at the front desk on the day of your event. Once checked in the host will receive their ride tickets. The tickets can be used at any other time if they do not all get used on the day of your event. Any leftover tickets are non-refundable.

What is maximum number of guests?

Your party package includes 40 guests.If you have more than 40 guests each additional guest will be $6 each.

Where do my guests check in?

We will require you provide us with the first and last name of every guest coming in one week prior to your event.  Your guests will simply let us know first and last names upon check in. Each guest must fill out a waiver  before entering the party area.

Can I purchase additional pony ride tickets?

Yes, additional pony ride tickets may be purchased for $8 each. Please notify management of extra ticket requests two weeks prior to the date. For extra trail rides please email management to check availability (extra trial rides not always available).

Is animal feed included in the package?

Animal feed is not included but may be purchased in our office.

Where do I park?

Upon check in our staff will show the party host where they may park to drop off their supplies. All guests are required to park in the regular parking lot in front of our office.

What if I have questions during my event?

Please stop by the front desk if you have any questions during your event.

Can I bring in my own food?

You may bring in food to your party area. Caterers are allowed with provided proof of liability insurance. Proof of liability insurance will have to be provided one week prior to your party, or your caterer will not be allowed in. There are NO GRILLS or BBQs allowed at the facility. Chaffing dishes are permitted. Please make sure you and all your guests keep all food and drink inside your party area.

Do you allow alcoholic beverages?

There is NO alcoholic beverages or smoking/vaping on the grounds allowed. Parties found with alcohol will result in a immediate shut down of the party and will result in the loss of their party rental fee plus any applicable charges.

May we bring in decorations?

Yes, you may bring in party decorations. However, we DO NOT allow any Confetti, glitter, silly string, poppers, balloons, water guns, water balloons, bounce houses, jumpers, or inflatables.

Are we allowed to bring in easy-ups/canopies?

Yes, however they must be tied/staked down.

How many tables are in each party area?

7 six foot rectangular picnic tables and 2 round cake/food tables.

If you have any further questions please email management at Lakewoodbarnyardbuddies@gmail.com

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